Questions to Ask Before You Buy

  1. Are your Akbash Dogs ADAA or UKC registered?

  2. Do the pups for sale have ADAA/UKC registration applications?

  3. How long have you had Akbash Dogs?

  4. How many litters have you bred?

  5. How many do you breed each year?  

  6. What are the common health issues in the breed?

  7. Do the parents or related dogs exhibit any of these issues?

  8. Do you have official hip evaluations (OFA or PnHip) on the sire and dam?

  9. Why do you have Akbash Dogs – what are their strong points?

  10. Have the pups received vaccinations and wormings?

  11. Will we get complete records on all shots (1st set – 6wks; 2nd set-9 wks; final set of puppy shots-12 wks, treatments for external and internal parasites?

  12. Have the puppies been socialized? (Even 24/7 livestock guard dogs need early socialization so they can be caught, handled, treated for any injuries, etc.)

  13.  What livestock have the puppies been exposed to?

  14. Are the puppies used to being in securely fenced areas or are they free to wander around?

  15. What sort of health and long term genetic guarantees (to the age of 5) do you offer?

  16. Will you take back your dog if something happens that we can no longer keep it?

  17. What is the most common problems that your owners report?

  18. Do you have specific requirements for your buyers?