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Membership Application for Akbash Dog Association of America


Applicant’s Name(s):   ____________________________________________   Date __________


Please mark here for membership renewal ___________and provide any info that has changed.


Address:      ________________________________________________________________________




Telephone:   ___________________________ / _____________________________ (home/cell)


Occupation:  __________________________      E-Mail:  ___________________________________


Membership Type: (Check one) To pay dues by PayPal:   Annual Dues:

___ Regular Membership (US residents, 18 years of age or older)                                          $30.00
___ 10-yr Single membership                                                                                                       $250.00                           

___ Family/Household Membership                                                                                             $40.00

(Two or more US residents, 18 years of age or older residing as a family/household)

___ Associate Membership (Non-US residents 18 years of age or older)                               $35.00

___ Junior Membership (Any individual seven to seventeen years of age)                             $10.00

___ Breeder listing on website (1 year) include contact info                                                      $50.00
___ Lifetime Membership / ADAA Sponsor                                                                                  $500.00
___ I own a purebred Akbash Dog                                ___ I do not own an Akbash Dog

___ My Akbash Dog(s) is/are U.K.C. registered           ___ My Akbash Dog(s) is/are neutered


I wish to receive club communications via ______Facebook, ________email or ______ US Postal Mail (Check one). 


FOR NEW APPLICANTS ONLY: Two Sponsors (ADAA members in good standing) are required: (If you do not have two sponsors, contact us anyway.)


1) ___________________________________________________   2)    _________________________________________

 Breed(s) of dogs you currently own:

If applicable, livestock species your dog works with: 


Please list any other clubs/organizations you are active in:



Please tell us why you would like to become a member of the ADAA (Use additional paper if needed):



I/We have read and agree to be governed by the ADAA Constitution and Bylaws, the ADAA/UKC Breeder Code of Ethics, the ADAA Member Code of Ethics, and the UKC Breed Standard, and the rules and regulations of the United Kennel Club. Contact the ADAA at the address below to obtain these documents electronically or via USPS mail. They can also be viewed / downloaded at We give permission for our name and limited contact info to be published in an ADAA directory.  
We do not crossbreed, nor do we breed or sell to people who breed unregistered dogs. Our dogs are UKC registered. 

Signature: ____________________________________________    Signature: _______________________________________

Date:         ____________________                                              Date:      ____________________

Please make your check payable to the Akbash Dog Association of America.  We appreciate your interest and support.  Mail to:  ADAA, 182 CR 338, Goldthwaite, Tx. 76844.   

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