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ADAA & BetterBred with UCDavis Vet. Genetics Lab are developing a DNA database for Akbash Dogs (purebred) in  North America.  

Looking for a puppy or a started dog? Thinking about becoming a serious Akbash Dog supporter?
Ask your breeder if
 their dogs are BB dna'd and evaluated for genetic relatedness.

Plans for the 2024 Akbash Dog wall calendar are in the works.

12 months of Akbash Dogs --  all purebred, all registered - pups and adults - Submit your photos NOW. 

11" by 17" on quality paper

Email for more information. 

Email same address with any questions.  

2021 Specialty photo.jpg

Planning for the 2023 Akbash Dog National Specialty is happening now! 

2021 Calendar.jpg
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