Akbash Dog Classifieds

Thank you for visiting the Akbash Dog Classified Page.  Do you have puppies for sale? Are you expecting a new litter and are now accepting reservations? Do you have a dog for sale? Are you looking for a particular type of dog -- in other words, do you need a 1 or 2 year old dog that has been working with goats, maybe you have an adult Akbash Dog and want to introduce a puppy to grow up around and learn from your adult Akbash? 


To sell a dog(s) or puppy(ies), they must be UKC registered. To submit a classified, press the Request Classified button above and complete the form. If your classified is approved, then it will appear after the next monthly update. If there is a problem with your classified request, then you will be contacted to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Fees to a classified are $10 per month, or $25 for 3 months, or $80 for 12 months.

For Sale

NOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS: We have a UKC registered litter that will be arriving very soon. We are now accepting reservations. Contact Tamara at 940.726.3555.


STUD SERVICE WANTED:  I have a smooth coat female that will be coming into heat in April 2017. I want to breed her with an unrelated mature long coated male, preferrably a working dog, who fully meets the ADAA Breed Standard and is UKC registered. Please contact Ann at 405.496.1791 or by email at msiacm@gmail.com.


MALE PUPPY WANTED: Looking for a long coat male Akbash Dog puppy unrelated to my female. Please contact Jim at 405.309.2342 or by email at jbmatt56@gmail.com.