Breeders List


The following breeders accept the UKC Code of Ethics and the standards of the ADAA set down in its Constitution and By-Laws, are ADAA members in good standing, and offer for sale UKC registered purebred Akbash Dogs. Few breeders raise more than one or two litters each year; thus, reservations are often recommended.

Patteran Akbash Dogs

a foundation kennel breeding

working Turkish Akbash Dogs since 1985


Tamara & Mike Taylor

Era, Texas


Started dogs and puppies

(reservations recommended)

Stotts Ranch


James Stotts

Llano, Texas



Livestock Guardians

 raised with sheep in wild hog and coyote country

puppies available

(reservations recommended)



Beth Shafer

Ladonia, Texas



Farm raised with livestock in

coyote and feral hog country

puppies available with reservations

White Buffalo Ridge

Akbash Dogs


Tammy & Thomas Dunn

Leakey, TX

Farm raised with livestock in coyote, hog and mountain lion country

Mantz Akbash Dogs


Brian and Laura Mantz

Valley Spring, TX


Ranch raised with meat goats

Sandoval Akbash Dogs


Steven and Colette Sandoval

Mayer, AZ

Ranch raised our family and our sheep, goats, and poultry. Puppies available. 

Southern Star Akbash Dogs

since 1987



Jim & Ann Matthews

Harrah, Oklahoma



Farm-raised livestock guardians

(puppy reservations recommended)

Spenrath Akbash Dogs

Kristal and Glene Spenrath

Goldthwaite, Texas



Livestock Guardians raised with goats

and fine wool sheep in coyote country

puppies available

(reservations recommended)

Lost Creek Livestock Farm


Jeanne E Johnson

PO Box 2 • Caledonia, MO 63631



Farm raised with livestock

puppies available with reservations

Marshall's Akbash Dogs


Kenneth & Janie Marshall

Shawnee, OK


Farm raised with sheep, chickens and cattle

Started pups available now

Circle Bar Akbash Dogs

Larry, Janet, Becky Allen

Hotchkiss, CO

Raising and using reg. Akbash Dogs for 30 years. 

North West Kikos


Daniel and Lucy Salar

Damascus, OR


Ranch raised with meat goats